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By: Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Course Content
AE1110x - Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering
In case you are excited about what topics will be treated when, the following document provides a
(very short) overview of the topics to be treated. Note that weeks 1-4 fall under module A
(Introduction), weeks 5-7 belong to module B (Aerodynamics) and weeks 8-10 belong to module C
(Flight Mechanics). We wish you a lot of fun and a cool learning experience during this course!

The AE1110x Team

Module A: Introductory module
Week 1
Lecture 1: Introduction + Ballooning
Lecture 2: The International Standard Atmosphere
Lecture 3: How aircraft fly

Week 2
Lecture 4: Cockpits & Instruments
Lecture 5: Structural concepts
Lecture 6: Stability & Control

Week 3
Lecture 7: Propulsion
Lecture 8: Materials & Exploring the limits
Lecture 9: Special vehicles

Week 4
Test Module A Deadline Test + Exercises: April 1st, 23:59 UTC

Module B: Aerodynamics
Week 5
Lecture 1: Introduction to Aerodynamics
Lecture 2: Compressibility
Lecture 3: Viscous flows

Week 6
Lecture 4: Pressure distributions and flow separation
Lecture 5: Airfoils
Lecture 6: Critical Mach number
Lecture 7: Finite wings

Week 7
Test Module B Deadline Test + Exercises: April 22nd, 23:59 UTC Module C: Flight Mechanics
Week 8
Lecture 1: Introduction to flight mechanics
Lecture 2: Horizontal flight performance
Week 9
Lecture 3: Climbing and descending flight
Lecture 4: The flight env

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